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GSM Gateway

♦ POWER: 230V 13A socket outlet

♦ BATTERY: UPS battery back up of 8–12 hours

♦ CONNECTIVITY: Data from sensors to the portal using a sim

♦ INSTALLATION: The gateway/s can be located anywhere on site (multiple gateways can be installed on larger sites where sensor positions are up to 300m from the gateway)

♦ BENEFITS: Robust security & peace of mind (no connection to the cutomer’s network required*)


*Gateways are available which will connect to the customer’s network if specified


♦ POWER: C10 Lithium Cells

♦ BATTERY: 5 Year Anticipated Lifespan


♦ INSTALLATION: No structured wiring is required – sensors are programmed and communications with the gateway are checked prior to installation on site for simple to fit and forget process

♦ BENEFITS: Available in multi-sensor nodes that monitor a wide range of conditions. Cost-effective (no wiring required) & reduced health and safety risks

(non-wired install)

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